Mobile Apps in Africa News: #4

Lack of privacy laws could delay vital mHealth apps


Image Credits: Iphone Savior 

Mobile healthcare (mHealth) applications that run on mobile phones could be held up in African countries owing to a lack of regulations governing the privacy of patient data, a report has found.

Some patients could refuse to allow personal information to be collected by mHealth applications, fearing a lack of security, which calls for urgent drafting of policy by governments to guarantee protection of patient data, the authors say. MORE…


Rocket Internet’s African Amazon Clone, Jumia, Extends Its Reach With Android App

Jumia app

Jumia, an Amazon clone for Africa backed by the Rocket Internet ecommerce startup incubator and launched last year, is pushing onto mobile with the launch of its first smartphone app. The Android app, available today in Nigeria, Morocco, Ivory Coast and Kenya, puts Jumia’s entire 50,000 product catalogue within swiping distance of smartphone users.  Payments options in the app are credit card (not currently offered in Ivory Coast) or cash on delivery. MORE…

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