Mobile Apps in Africa News: #7

HTML5 could be the option you’re looking for


Smartphones have come a long way since a two-megabyte disk drive was the size of a small car, 40 years ago. Today, these devices provide an unprecedented amount of computing power in your pocket. This power can be used for the latest HTML technology, HTML5, a mark-up language that is changing the digital landscape, allowing quicker creation of content and brand applications. But does HTML5 match the power of native development? MORE…


Why go mobile?


Many companies want to “go mobile”. What does this mean, and why would you consider it?

Let us first consider the role of the mobile device, which primarily means mobile phones and tablets, in people’s lives.It used to be that a personal computer, and via that access to the internet, was a tool used grudgingly at work. You had to master complex and ugly software programs that supposedly helped you do your work more efficiently. MORE…

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