Mobile Apps in Africa News: #21

Nigeria’s Mobile App Market To Experience 15% Growth Rate – Analysts


VENTURES AFRICA – Nigeria’s mobile application market is set to experience significant growth in the coming years as smart phone ownership and broadband internet acquisition continues to rise.

According to industry experts, the potential growth will be fostered by the declining prices of mobile phones and gadgets, and would encourage customers to patronize local mobile applications.

“The sub-$100 smartphone is steadily becoming a reality globally. Low-end smartphones are increasingly available and these types of mobile phones will likely grow at a CAGR [Compound Annual Growth Rate] of 15 percent over the coming years,” James Rutherford of Nokia Corporation said. MORE…


Reaching “3G blind-spots” in Africa with mobile marketing


With a growing percentage of the global population using mobile phones and the ability to use internet based apps through Wi-Fi and 3G, we as marketeers have many options for communicating with customers via their handsets. In some emerging markets in Africa, however, a lack of 3G connectivity instantly cuts out a lot of these options.

If you are looking to use email or web based communication to reach out to customers in these markets, you may encounter problems with response rates due to lack of internet access. Some of your current and potential customers may be in areas with phone signal, but not 3G signal and no access to an internet connection. MORE…

Low Bandwidth Technology Helping to Develop Mobile Use in Africa


The African continent may be short of basic infrastructure, but there are high expectations for the use of mobile information and communication technologies. The USSD standard is now being embraced by app developers to create new mobile solutions.

The value of mobile communications in Africa is no longer a matter for debate. In a studypresented at the ForumOxford: Mobile Apps and Technologies Conference 2013, held at the University of Oxford, UK,  mobile technology expert Rudy de Waele highlighted the main areas where mobile is taking off on the African continent. He pointed out that mobile penetration varies widely from region to region: while 3G is now available in 31 countries, usage is still highly fragmented, with the north and south of the continent showing an average 70% penetrationwhile east and sub-Saharan Africa are lagging far behind. However, increasing use of the Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) protocol could be set to change the mobile landscape. With USSD, mobile connections require only low bandwidth and data is stored in the Cloud. A standard mobile phone is therefore able to send and receive information without an Internet connection, and can also provide a number of useful functions. MORE…

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