Mobile Apps in Africa News: #31

Where to Find the Next Billion Smartphone Users?


There are currently around 1.4 billion smartphones in the use around the world. Several developed markets including the U.S. have already exceeded 50% penetration of smartphones among cellular devices. As the rate of new consumers entering the market slowing down, acquiring new users becomes increasingly difficult and expensive.

Developers looking for rapid growth are not likely to hit a gold mine in market conditions where each user has a million applications to pick. On the other hand, developers are apprehensive about venturing into uncharted territories where risk is perceived to be greater than the reward. One such uncharted territory for app developers is Africa. MORE…


WiGroup tests NFC payments and coupons in South Africa


South African mobile transaction platform provider WiGroup is testing an NFC payments and coupon solution with one of the country’s largest retailers, the company has told NFC World, and now plans to bring the technology to Europe.

The company’s WiPlatform has already been integrated with the checkout solutions of a number of South African retail chains including Shoprite, Checkers, Pick n Pay and KFC, WiGroup says.

“WiPlatform has two protocols; a one-time PIN protocol, WiCode, and an NFC protocol, WiTag,” Howard Moodycliffe, the company’s head of marketing, told NFC World. “We have recently spoken to a number of national retailers in the UK as well.” MORE…

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