Mobile Apps in Africa News: #36

Opera’s mobile store triples its number of apps over a year as it chalks up 75m monthly visitors


Software maker Opera has been quietly amassing clout for its mobile store, as it announced today that the number of apps in the store has tripled over the past 12 months to reach more than 140,000 apps, while a total of 75 million visitors land on the store monthly.

The number of daily visitors now stands at 2.6 million, more than double the 1 million a year ago. The US jumped five places to take second place in terms of number of visitors, while India remains in the first position, with Indonesia taking third place.

As testament to how Opera appeals to emerging markets in particular, the company notes that Java platform-powered mobile devices (typically feature phones) still take up a large part of mobile app downloads in India, Brazil, South Africa and Indonesia, making up over 49 percent of total downloads. MORE…

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