Mobile Apps in Africa News: #37

First Multilingual ‘Do-It-Yourself’ Mobile App Maker Launched in MENA


While the majority of enterprises in the Middle East and North Africa fall within the Small to Medium Enterprise (SME) segment, comprising 80-90% of total business in most countries, many are in need of finance in order to grow and expand. An innovation-led mobile technology start up, has launched the very first ‘Do-It-Yourself’ mobile app maker in the Middle East offering SMEs, entrepreneurs and individuals a new gateway to procure efficient mobile applications by breaking the barriers of cost, time and technological complexity.

Founded by Pierre Azzam, Mohammed Johmani and Hussam Abu Zaalan, whose vision is to ‘democratize’ app development, Mobibus empowers users to create, manage and publish their own professional looking iOS and Android apps on smartphones and tablets, without the need for any technical or programming knowledge.

The very concept of ‘Do-It-Yourself’ is going to be a game-changer for the region, the founders believe, because numerous studies have established the growing smartphone penetration in the Middle East and people’s increasing reliance on mobile technology in professional and personal live…MORE…

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