Mobile Apps in Africa News: #39

Google to lead the search for Africa’s next biggest app

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With connectivity presenting so many problems in the continent, many Africans experience the internet primarily through their mobile devices, and from Price Check to GoMetro to Snapify, apps are literally changing Africa – and in the coming years there is a huge expectation they will fundamentally change the way Africa watches TV.

With the spread of smartphones set to accelerate, the impact and influence of apps is set to spread wider still, a massive opportunity for innovators out there to develop truly popular and revolutionary mobile programmes. MORE…


The realities of mobile for the enterprise


Mobility is a reality for enterprise – whether decision makers like it or not. Given the advent of mobile devices in the workplace, the increase in usage by employees and significance of BYOD, industry analysts have pointed to the relevance of Mobile Device Management (MDM) strategy and application.

At the most recent Innovation Dinner, hosted by Africa’s technology news leader IT News Africa, on 30 October, C-level executives discussed the mobility landscape and how best to leverage off this resource to uncover business value. MORE…

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