Mobile Apps in Africa News: #49

Social media, mobile apps drive youth to agriculture



[KIGALI] What are some of the most promising tools helping women and the youth to transform the face of Africa’s agriculture? Yes, mobile applications, social media and videos are the ‘in-things’ inspiring a new generation of happy farmers.

Enthusiastically and rapidly adapting to new ways of ‘harvesting’ information, women and to an even greater extent young farmers of Africa are using information and communication technologies (ICTs) to obtain the best market prices, keep records and find crops in high demand.

From the ICT4ag international conference held in Kigali, Rwanda, last week (4-8 November), I gathered that technology is taking more farmers into the next frontier of agriculture, raising hopes for a truly green revolution in Africa to eliminate food insecurity and help curb the acute poverty levels that bedevil the continent. MORE…

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