Mobile Apps in Africa News: #57

TourCMR: Plan Your Trip to Cameroon Today

Cameroon’s first bilingual travel guide App Approved and Endorsed by the Minister of State, Minister of Tourism and Leisure as the Official travel guide for Cameroon, and the Official travel guide App for the Total Energies African Cup of Nations 2021.

Welcome to Africa in Miniature. The TourCMR App gives you access to everything you need to know about the beauty of Cameroon. We aim at boosting your overall travel experience to Cameroon, from travel planning to take a trip to any tourist site of your choice. Our app lets you make the best travel decisions to Cameroon – whether you’re planning or on the go.

Discover what to do, where to stay, and where to eat based on your selected site and guidance from other travelers. The TourCMR App provides you with tourist sites from all over Cameron that are classified under the different towns with descriptions, directions, and cost estimates for each site. MORE…


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