Mobile Apps In Africa News: #63

ANKA: The E-Commerce Platform For “All Things Made of Africa”

ANKA is an all-in-one solution for selling anywhere, shipping globally and receiving payments quickly.

ANKA has grown its retailer base to include sellers from 47 out of 54 African countries and completed over $35M in transactions in 174 countries worldwide. More than 80% are women who have grown their revenue by 50% on average since joining the ANKA community.

ANKA operates as an inclusive SaaS allowing sellers to:

  1. Sell via a customised online storefront (like Shopify), linked to sellers’ social media platforms and marketplace channels (such as Stripe, Gumroad or PayPal)
  2. Ship globally with verified best rates via leading logistics partner DHL
  3. Receive payments internationally in all currencies, including a free Buy Now Pay Later option, and the ability to withdraw funds through local African payment methods like mobile money
  4. Manage the lifecycle of all transactions with a single omni-channel dashboard.

ANKA, formerly known as Afrikrea, is fast becoming a world leading E-Commerce platform in Africa known to help African sellers and global buyers transact better. MORE…



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