Mobile News In Africa: #67

NPA Launches Checklist App

Prosecutors are always on the lookout for more ways to abate wildlife crimes and put offenders to book. So, a new mobile application was created that will be used as a docket checklist when persecuting wildlife crimes.

This application was introduced after Prosecutor-General Kumbirai Hodzi renewed the memorandum of understanding with Tikki Hywood Foundation for 10 years.

The co-operation started on February 26, 2019 with the aim of setting up a partnership that is more effective in curbing wildlife crime and its related offences within Zimbabwean courts, while creating a greater awareness and appreciating the value of wildlife as a resource.

At the signing of the memorandum yesterday, Mr. Hodzi shared, “It is therefore crucial that authorities involved in wildlife crime management such as the ZimParks, ZRP, JSC, and the NPA are adequately resourced in order to fully discharge their mandate and effectively and efficiently deal with the problem of wildlife crime.” His reason for this was wild life crime is becoming an increasingly pressing issue in Zimbabwe and the rest of the world in terms of economic and social development, security, and the environment.

He went on to say, “As earlier on stated, we have benefited immensely from our relationship with Tikki Hywood Foundation hence, our decision today to renew the MoU between us for 10 more years.”

Founder and Chief Executive of Tikki Hywood Foundation, Ms Lisa Hywood, explained that the objectives of the MoU are to assist the members of the National Prosecuting Authority, especially the Environmental and Wildlife Directorate, in building capacity to carry out the effective and efficient prosecution of wildlife crimes and related cases.

Ms Hywood said this new mobile app created a procedural checklist for the user to follow, which also allows the user to input important information via digital notes and pictorial evidence. So, all wildlife crimes can be accurately reported whenever, wherever MORE…



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