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Rule your finances With The 22Seven App

Read on to find out why you should own this app today!

For starters, 22Seven takes financial security very seriously

  • Your data is secure, private, and insured.
  • They use the same security measures as banks, governments, and military.

Secondly, 22Seven works by helping you generate a personalized budget automatically.

  • They track your spending habits and are able to generate a budget that works just for you!
  • They help you diversify your income.

22Seven also works to source financial insights for you.

  • They help you discover where you’re missing it financially and get you back on track.

What you need to do:

  • Start by linking all your financial accounts, investments, loans, and rewards.

Then, they will:

  • Gather 3 months worth of information and automatically update it each time you login.
  • Sort your transactions for you and place them under labels, like groceries, rent, or transport and you can even create your own labels!
  • Automatically add up all you spend in the different categories, so you can trace your money and see where it all goes.

With the 22Seven app, you get to save, keep track of your money, develop good financial habits, and find new ways to make more money!

If you’d like to save more than you spend, click here to download the 22Seven app today! MORE…



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