Mobile News In Africa: #69

Card machines and online payments made simple with Yoco


It’s too hard for entrepreneurs to access card payment tools. How do you grow if you can’t get paid? The solution – Yoco.

Yoco is an African technology company. They create opportunities for entrepreneurs to get paid and be more successful. Every day, they break through barriers and create access so more businesses can participate in the economy and thrive.

Yoco is a point-of-sale payments provider for small businesses in South Africa. They make it as simple as possible for small business owners to accept card payments, in-person and online.

Currently, they help over 225,000 entrepreneurs of all sizes and industries get paid in three ways:

  • Card Machines: Accept all major cards with SA’s favorite card machines. Mobile and tap-enabled. They provide three types of mobile credit card machines, namely Yoco Khumo, Yoco Go, and Khumo Print.
  • Yoco Link: Sell stuff online by creating and sending digital invoices using one simple Link.
  • Yoco Gateway: Accept card payments through your website using a unique Gateway.

The e-commerce platform has raised over $100M from some of the world’s leading technology investors, who have backed companies like Nubank, Square, and Stone. They recently secured $83M Series C funding. 

Over $2 Billion is processed through the platform per year. MORE…



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