Mobile News In Africa: #76

Eversend: Leading you to Financial Freedom One Dollar at a Time!

How would you like to manage your money — expenses, savings, investments, and more — with ease? With Eversend, you get to manage your money, receive and send funds, and explore other financial activities faster and at 10X cheaper costs than your bank!

Why Eversend?

  • Quick and Easy Sign Up
    The sign up process takes a maximum of 3 minutes. Everything you need to sign up and create an account is on your phone. You don’t have to spend hours on a queue waiting to get assistance from a customer care agent.
  • Low Transaction Fees
    At Eversend, we’re all about keeping your finances from crashing. So, we help you send and receive money at affordable rates and in the near future, we aim at driving the cost of payments to zero!
  • Multicurrency Wallet
    You get to hold and exchange multiple currencies at fair and transparent exchange rates. So, you get to send funds locally and internationally at competitive rates! We are constantly increasing our bandwidth to accommodate new currencies.
  • Quick and Efficient Customer Service
    Chat with our customer service team anytime and anywhere, using our in-app messaging platform to help resolve issues, get your questions answered, and make comments.
  • Virtual Debit Cards
    Did you know banks in Africa charge you up to 15% in hidden foreign exchange fees when you pay online with your local curency bank card? Let’s help you save up that moolah. Use our USD virtual cards to save up to 13%!
  • Stock Trading
    Eversend brings you access to US stocks in Africa, equipping you with the tools to protect and grow your wealth. Fast.
  • Exceptional Security
    Your money is safe with us. We secure all your data and transaction info with high-quality cyberware. We use multi-factor authentication to prevent unauthorised access. Also, our website and app are secured with 256-bit encryption. You won’t be getting scammed anytime soon; not on our watch.

Sign up now for better and easier online transactions. We can’t wait to help you gain financial freedom! MORE…



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