Mobile News In Africa: #77

DC.ONE New App Release

With the new DC.ONE app, available on the Apple and Google Play Stores, shoe lovers in South Africa and SADC countries can now access the online store directly from their mobile devices.

From February 2022, customers will have instant access to their favourite footwear brands and options at DC.ONE on the go!

Why This New App?
DC.ONE saw that majority of their website traffic came from mobile phones and decided to improve their customer experience by creating the new app. This footwear company will be one of the first online shoe stores to invest in an app in South Africa.

“The massive growth we’ve achieved is unprecedented,” says Robert Stoller, one of the company’s directors of Dangee Carken. “Since many of our website users come from mobile, we decided 2022 was the time to invest in the DC.ONE app. We wanted to make sure that app users would be able to do everything they can do on the website, from the app.”

Not only will this new app make online shopping a breeze, but users will also gain access to amazing features like:

  • First-hand knowledge of sales, discounts, and new products added to the range
  • App-only discounts
  • Exclusive access
  • Seamless integration with social media

DC.ONE at a Glance
DC.ONE is a member of the Dangee Carken family. The business initially focused on wholesale, but soon realised the benefit of selling directly to the public. It started with retail stores around Johannesburg and in no time, outgrew those. “With Covid-19 affecting shopping in stores, we decided it was time to launch an online store,” explained Stoller.

DC.ONE’s online store went live in July 2020, and since then, has experienced incredible growth with each month drastically outperforming the last. “There’s been a huge shift to mobile apps both locally and internationally, especially when it comes to online stores. We’ve seen it through our websites as well. So, we decided to take the leap and invest in our own app. We’re expecting great things from the investment,” Stoller explained.

Brands at DC.ONE
The online store stocks some of the best footwear brands for ladies, men, and children. You can find shoes from Miss Black, Butterfly Feet, UrbanArt, ViaBeach, Little Miss Black, Roberto Morino, and Mazerata. Only exceptional quality is allowed at DC.ONE. This year, the site is adding two new fashion brands — Flutterby and Rock & Co — to their impressive collection.

More About the New DC.ONE App
DC.ONE is launching their new app just in time for the launch of the Winter collection, allowing customers to order the latest Winter fashion footwear essentials, directly from the DC.ONE app. What’s more? First-time app users will also enjoy R100 off their first app order.

We can tell you’re excited to explore DC.ONE’s new app and its amazing features. Click here to download the app and enjoy the phenomenal shopping experience.MORE…



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