Mobile News In Africa: #80

DSTv App Streaming Now Limited to One Device at a Time, Across Africa

A few weeks ago, when Multichoice was announcing a bundle bringing both a Showmax subscription plus Safaricom data, I got to ask about the DSTv app. I was told Multichoice was planing on an eventual rollout – later this year – of the DSTV App as a standalone product that wouldn’t need users to buy a dish and decoder.

I don’t have DSTv. I’ve never had DSTv. I don’t follow football that much, and never watch live TV. Netflix, Prime, YouTube, and Showmax Pro do it for me. But, I was considering getting the DSTV app subscription once it became a standalone.

But, the latest announcement that only one person can stream on DSTV app at a given time makes it look like this company doesn’t understand the digital age. They’re really hell-bent on making no sense to the customers they want to attract.

Where online content platforms like Netflix, Prime Video, and even Showmax allow multiple users to stream at the same time, Multichoice believes limiting it to one user at a time is the way to go…? I’m lost here.

Why is DSTv Limiting Streaming to One User?
Ah, its for the flimsiest of reasons. “It’s one of many ongoing measures to counteract password sharing and piracy,” they say in their FAQs.

First of all, they should be clear: how does having multiple users encourage piracy? If it does, how have companies like Netflix and Amazon handled the situation?

Secondly, what’s the point of having a streaming option if only one person gets to access it? Why have such a feature anyways?

There are none. Maybe find another platform that understands the digital age or just follow their rules:

• Don’t stream, just buy the decoder. That would make them happy.
• Download offline content. Multichoice hasn’t been clear on how many of the 4 allowed logins can download offline content at the same time.

What are Your Thoughts?
Are you a DSTv user? What do you use more: the decoder, or the app for streaming? Does the new announcement affect you? And how?MORE…



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