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Mobile News In Africa: #83

All You Need to Know about U-Map

Need a tour guide to help you get to classes faster? U-Map is your best bet yet!

U-Map is an app that provides students or lecturers with the directions to any location on their campus. It makes sure you don’t get lost while rushing to make it early to class.

This app is so accurate in its services that it provides locations at an accuracy of ±2m from your present location! U-Map also makes sure to keep updated data and so, provides real-time directions to any location on campus!

The U-Map is your one-stop map to navigating through school like a pro without having to ask for directions to any location. Just ask U-Map and in seconds, you know how to get there in real-time. The app is seamless in it’s navigation, has no itches, and gives the best user experience on the app block. Try it for yourself.

The U-Map will also help you calculate the distance from your present location to your destination, so you can make more informed decisions on the right steps to take.

What People are Saying
It’s users only have good reports to give while describing their user experiences. Here’s one:

“The app is great. Very responsive and easy to use. With a great user experience and it gets the job done for students. Now locating halls and classes in the university of Bamenda won’t be a difficult task anymore.”

Hop on the U-Map Express Today!
U-Map is your guide to getting from where you are to where you’re going in no time and on time. Try it today! Download the app from the Google Play Store and enjoy having a handy and reliable college guide.MORE…



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