Mobile News In Africa: #85

A Cheaper and Easier Way to Connect in Africa

While South Africa’s middle class can easily call their family abroad, other Africans in the country and continent at large don’t have the privilege of that luxury.

Despite how much Africa’s internet is expected to grow in the coming years, and how far our technology has advanced over the last two decades, over 67% of people in sub-Saharan Africa have not been able to enjoy technological advancements as they should. They are part of the one-third of the world with poor internet connection and service providers.

And it doesn’t just stop at South Africa. So many other Africans abroad pay huge sums cumulatively to call home and may even face difficulties with internet connectivity while trying to breech the geographical divide.

Problems Africans Face with Calls
One problem they face is the high cost of mobile phones. And with the creation of free calling apps, the problem only gets worse because they need internet for connectivity.

So, to make it easier for people to reach family at home, you’d have to find a way to reduce the cost of calling and make it so that people don’t need internet connection or smartphones to make it happen.

A couple of startups, like Talk 360, have come up with solutions to drastically reduce the cost of calls, and using VoIP technology, they cut out the need for online connectivity. But that doesn’t even solve half of the problem.

With cheaper call rates and more accessible calling platforms, how do they help their customers buy call bundles as easy as buying bread off the street? And remember that Africa is home to 54 countries with 45 different currencies, and thousands of payment service providers.

Talk360 with an All-round Solution
Luckily, Talk360 has been able to solve this problem by providing 60 payment options that support over 40 currencies! The Fintech company has connected more than 2 million people around the world just last year. But there are far more people who need access to the cheap and seamless connection they offer.

Apart from breeching the geographical divide with calls, the company also promotes job creation through a broad distribution network of physical and digital locations. They also encourage extensive agent referrals where people earn by signing up new customers and selling airtime. Neat, isn’t it?

You can think of it this way, Talk360 helps you connect with loved ones back at home at almost no cost and still helps you make some cash while you’re at it.MORE…



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