Mobile News In Africa: #87

Waspito is Making the Rounds in the e-Health Industry

Waspito has just raised a seed fund of US$2.7m to help raise its user base in its home market — Cameroon — and expand to the Ivory Coast.

What Does Waspito Do?
Waspito brings the hospital home with its user-friendly interface. Through its easy-to-navigate app, Waspito helps connect users with qualified medical practitioners through video calls.

You don’t have to go to the hospital to run tests or get consultations from your doctor. Waspito provides lab services from the comfort of your home. And the test results? You get to receive them through your smart device.

The app also provides a social network where people get to ask anonymous questions to a reliable team of doctors. They doctors then reply with helpful answers and tips.

And that’s not all. Waspito has an impressive list of resources like health articles you can read to gain relevant health information. And before you contact doctor for consultation, you get the opportunity to review the doctor’s qualifications and choose a doctor you believe can expertly handle your case.

What are the Next Steps for Waspito?
Currently, Waspito has successfully served about 15,0000 patients. So, it’s expected that they’ll want to expand to reach even more patients. And that’s the purpose of the US$2.7m seed funding raised by a robust list of investors.

It expects to start by deepening its reach in Cameroon and expanding to launch in Ivory Coast. Waspito has identified a need for more doctors and intends to meet that need by connecting Africa’s health ecosystem.

Telemedicine is the future of healthcare and Waspito is already living in that future.MORE…



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