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Mobile News In Africa: #88

Egyptian mobile app helps hearing-impaired master the art of sewing

This Egyptian mobile app is the first of its kind. Its sole purpose is to teach people with hearing impairments how to sew excellently. Founder of the app Adel had always had a strong passion for the art of sewing. She saw a gap in the industry that prevented people with hearing impairments from learning to sew and sought was to breech the gap.

She decided to take learn sign language for two months so she could teach the hearing-impaired patron courses and fine-tune the course outline to suit their unique needs. And she does this work without taking a penny from her special needs students. Her courses have produced excellent talents like Mohamed who is on the path to realizing her long-time passion of learning to produce designs like international brands.

The mobile app ‘Professional Course for Tailoring Clothes with Patron’
With the new app — released just 2 years ago — Adel has reached even more special needs students with her unique patron courses. The app is available on Google Play Store in Arabic language with 70% of its users hearing-impaired and people with disabilities.

Adel has empowered these people to learn and hone the skill of sewing by making the app easily accessible and easy-to-navigate. The app was so recognized that it won the top prize at the Tamkeen Competition, 2020.

The app walks the user through the basics, providing pictures and guides where necessary till the user has gained enough knowledge to “launch their own project,” Adel explains.

What the App Teaches
The app transforms a total sewing novice to an expert in at least 2 months by providing:

It recently added a “fabrics dictionary” that is a unique addition and sets the app apart from other sewing apps. The dictionary contains an extensive list of fabric types and “how to identify them by touch.”

The glossary consists of sewing terms and expressions to help the user readily understand sewing jargons and lingo. With these three features — audio, sign language, and text, it provides a safe space for the hearing-impaired to learn and master the art of sewing with ease.MORE…



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