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Mobile News In Africa: #89

aDrop — The Transport of the Future

The future is now and more apps are springing up to help us lead easier lives. One of them is aDrop.

aDrop is a ride-hailing company that has greatly improved the Nigerian logistics industry. With their app, they provide a seamless connection between drivers and passengers to help people get to their destinations without any hassle.

Why aDrop?
aDrop has raised the bar for other logistics and transportation companies in Nigeria. It is the one-stop company for interstate rentals and travels, rides, and deliveries.

It was created with the driver and rider (passenger) in mind, to provide an easier and safer means of transport. aDrop has promised only quality in its services. In the words of the Managing Director Yakubu, “We have a singular role that is to match aDrop platform users with professionally trained and mature drivers with exceptional customer service and mannerism, as well as ensuring we look after the drivers to the best of our ability.”

How Does it Work?
It works by matching drivers with riders looking for transportation for goods or themselves to the destinations they’re headed. All the driver has to do is click on “New Ride,” key in the passenger’s destination, get information of the fare estimate, and can then start the trip.

The best part is he doesn’t have to wait for a rider to book him. He can see passengers on the road, get info about their drop off location, key it into the app to get the fare cost, and begin the trip with the passenger.

The aDrop SmartCity GPS-enabled digital ride-hailing meter accurately measures time, distance, and cost so nether the driver nor rider gets ripped off in the exchange.

Once the driver has dropped the passenger at their destination, he can then click “End Trip” and receive payment from the passenger.

How Drivers Give Back
To compensate aDrop for helping provide them a platform to make a living, they can give the company a commission of each successful trip they make.

The app is available on Google Play Store. Download it today to enjoy your next transport trip. And if you’re looking to earn a living, aDrop is welcoming hardworking drivers to help push their vision; they’ll be more than happy to welcome you aboard.MORE…



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