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Foodr Eats Gives Jumia Foods and Bolt Foods A Run for Their Money

Imagine getting any food you like from any restaurant of your choice delivered to you in the comfort of your home. That’s what Foodr does.

Since COVID, most companies advise their employees to work remotely or work in office for a limited time each week. So, most people are home more often. As a result, express food delivery services have increased in cost throughout Nigeria.

Foodr Eats was launched on the 12th of February, 2022 to provide a more excellent user-focused experience for customers.

Who is Foodr Eats?
Foodr Eats is a supply chain and logistics company that allows its app users to order meals and drinks from nearby restaurants and have them delivered to their doorstep.

The brand also has Foodr Fleet that allows drivers sign up to deliver meals across the nation and earn income. According to Co-founder and CEO Mayowa Oladipo, the major challenge they face is in delivering quality good and meeting customer expectations. In response to this, the app now allows users choose meals from a wide range of restaurants on the platform, allowing them to order from their favourite restaurants — international and local.

App Features

  • Has an incredible AI feature to improve user experience.
  • Suggests available meal options to users based on their previous interactions on the app.
  • Studies users’ feeding habits and recommends healthier options.
  • A seamless pay system that allows users the option of a range of payment options.
  • Option to pay bills and subscription fees through the app.

What People are Saying
“There is no limit to any restaurant you can reach with the Foodr app. It’s the real deal.”
— Stephen Orukpe

“This app has lovely features, fast food delivery, and great user experience.”
— Sandra Henry

“Best service ever… For a new company I am so impressed by their punctuality in delivering.”
— Raymond Ajih

So, if you want a quick and efficient meal delivery service, Foodr Eats is where it’s at. Simply download the app from Google Play Store and place your order. And if you’d like to earn a living while delivering meals, Foodr Fleets is your app.MORE…



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