On EMDApps (EZ Man Digital Apps), we showcase mobile apps built in Africa by African talent. These apps might have a global scope but are mainly geared for African communities or help address a key need in the African community.

Our goal is to give the average developer a platform to expose their creative piece and an opportunity to reach more users. Google Play and iOS stores or other third party stores might be “the place to upload” your new app. With the billion other apps and highly competitive mobile app ecosystem, having links to your apps in the stores only adds to your chances of getting discovered by more users.

At EMDApps (EZ Man Digital Apps), we also build Android and iOS apps, publish to app stores and monetize on Ad Networks. Check out our list of recent published apps and contact us to start monetizing that idea.

Join the hundreds and soon to be thousands of developers on EMDApps (EZ Man Digital Apps) platform to reach over thousands of users directly when your app is posted here or indirectly via EMDApps (EZ Man Digital Apps) Facebook, Twitter and Mailchimp email subscriptions.

If your app was developed in Africa by African talent and addresses a key need in the African community, go here to submit your app to be featured on EMDApps platform.