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Mobile News In Africa: #90

Foodr Eats Gives Jumia Foods and Bolt Foods A Run for Their Money Imagine getting any food you like from any restaurant of your choice delivered to you in the comfort of your home. That’s what Foodr does. Since COVID, most companies advise their employees to work remotely or work in office for a limited… Read more Mobile News In Africa: #90

Mobile News In Africa: #89

aDrop — The Transport of the Future The future is now and more apps are springing up to help us lead easier lives. One of them is aDrop. aDrop is a ride-hailing company that has greatly improved the Nigerian logistics industry. With their app, they provide a seamless connection between drivers and passengers to help… Read more Mobile News In Africa: #89

Mobile News In Africa: #88

Egyptian mobile app helps hearing-impaired master the art of sewing This Egyptian mobile app is the first of its kind. Its sole purpose is to teach people with hearing impairments how to sew excellently. Founder of the app Adel had always had a strong passion for the art of sewing. She saw a gap in… Read more Mobile News In Africa: #88